The four major basilicas

A beautiful route to discover the four most beautiful and inportant Basilicas of Rome. Since 1300 Pope Bonifacio VIII, before every 100 years now every 25 opens in Rome the Jubilee of redemption, is a special year of remission of sins and universal pardon also called the Holy Year. In the 1350 Pope Clemente VI then residing at Avignon, to anticipate this term in to 50 years. Clement VI assented, and in 1350 accordingly, a Jubilee was held, though the pope did not return to Rome himself. Cardinal Gaetani Ceccano was dispatched to represent him. So Each of the four papal basilicas [S. John in Lateran, S. Maria Major, S. Peter and S. Paul outside the wall] has a holy door. The doors are normally sealed shut from the inside so that they cannot be opened. They are opened during jubelee years, when pilgrims enter through those doors to gain the plenary indulgence connected with the Jubilee. Our visit will take you to the discovery of the foundations of Christianity , the visit of these four Basilicas will transport you far back in time through artistic and religious beauty. 


The four major basilicas

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The Four Basilicas of Christian Rome

You will be united with our expert in Christian Art for a walking tour or in the comfort of a limo-van Mercedes in order to examine the foundations of the Christian religion on a 2000-year-old journey analyzing four of the most important Basilicas in ...

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