Rome for Kids

We have decided to propose the following  two options because we firmly believe that we will be able to keep your children completely engaged for about 2 hours using interesting anecdotes and intriguing tales. We all know that it is difficult to capture a child’s attention during one’s travels. In general, almost every child is amusingly allergic to museums, car trips, and so on. However,  with our tour options this may all change.  Our team will captivate your children’s attention with simple and fun itineraries. The first tour that we propose is set at The Baths of Diocletian, the largest bath complex of Ancient Rome. The complex houses one of the most interesting museums of Rome, extremely popular with our guests for its exhibit on various tools used by the ancient Romans to shape marble, weapons and armor, combs used by Roman maidens, everyday objects that still can be found today in our daily life and more than 10,000 inscriptions found on marble slabs known as epigraphs. Witness various types of writing and trades specified along with political and military positions that were noted during that period of that time. 

The other tour that we are proposing is set inThe Museum of Roman Culture  which opened its doors in 1955. It covers all aspects of ancient Roman civilization with an impressive collection of plaster casts taken from the originals preserved in museums all over the world, many of which have since been damaged or lost, and scale models reconstructing monuments from all over the Roman Empire.  The first sections supply a historical synthesis of Rome from its origins to the 6th century AD. The remaining sections are dedicated to aspects of public life, religious, economic, and even military. Some of the museum’s rarest and most valuable treasures are the large plastic scale model of Rome at the age of Emperor Constantine and the casts of Trajan's column requested by Napoleon III, both possessing international recognition. The value and appeal of this great museum partially deriving from the fact that it is the only museum in the world to tell in its entirety the story of ancient Roman civilization. It is particularly important for the documentary value of the casts and its capacity to show the original composition of many major works currently dismembered and divided among different museums all over the world.

Rome for Kids

Walking tour in Rome

The Baths of Diocletian

Perhaps not everyone knows that the Baths of Diocletian were the grandest of the public baths, and the most imposing thermal complex ever built in Rome

Duration: 2 hours

Museum of the Roman Civilization

ideal departure point for every touristic or cultural itinerary to su"ciently study the archeological side of Rome, comparing ancient Rome and how it is today

Duration: 2 Hours