Palatine Hill, Coliseum and The Roman Forum

Tour details:

Ancient Rome Tour;

3 Hours

Operating Days:
Sun; Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu; Fri; Sat;

Start Time:
9:00 AM; 02:00 PM

Meeting Point:


  • Palatine Hill Augustus ‘royal palace’
  • Augustus Room
  • Colosseum
  • Basilca of Constanitine
  • Roman Forum
  • Sacred Way
  • Arch of Septimius Severuis
  • Umbellicus Urbis
  • Arch of Titus
  • Basilica Julia
  • Temple of vesta
  • Vestals Virgins House
  • Curia * House of the Roman Senate
  • Temples of Castor and Pollux
  • Temple of Saturn


  • Transfer from hotel to the site
  • Private official tour guide
  • No Wait Access

Not included

  • Admission: Euro 14 per person
  • Instant Access

Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Coliseum

The top Sights of the aincient Rome . 

Our visit will begin on the Palatine Hill, known as the centre-most and most important of the Seven Hills of Rome.The Palatine Hill is noted as the hill, where the origins of ancient Rome began.

This, in fact, was the first hill to be inhabited since the 5th Century A.D. and the same hill, where Romulus after having killed his twin-brother Remus, gave birth to Roman civilization.

In Ancient times, the Palatine was where Rome's most rich and powerful wanted to live, for example, emperors such as Augustus, who chose to make his residence his ‘royal palace’.

We will in turn, take some time to explore this structure in detail. We will also be able to bask in the breathtaking view of the Circus Maximus standing forty meters above the Forum.

The next stop will be the Amphitheatrum Flavium, also known as the Coliseum, and due to our instant service access we will be inside one of the most inspiring and astounding monuments in history, ready to explore this magnanimous amphitheatre to its fullest.

This architectural wonder will seem as if it has been re-brought to life thanks to our careful and descriptive recreations of what took place among its ancient walls.

Not forgetting to go over all the reconstructive phases that have taken place until arriving to its final inauguration and most recent status.

You will also receive a detailed explanation on the role of the gladiator in the arena, one of the Roman’s most defining characters in antique civilization.

From where they came from, to where they lived and detailed information on the techniques that were used in combat for survival.

Upon leaving the Coliseum, we will take-o! in the true heart of the Rome, the Roman Forum.

A true cultural journey into a combination of mythology and history.

Pursuing and retracing the Via Sacra and towards the Arch of Titus, The House of the Vestals, The Curia alias The House of the Roman Senate, the Temples of Castor and Pollux and The Temple of Saturn.

Our journey will take us to the Capitoline Hill, where we can admire a stunning view of the Roman Forum which we had just finished exploring a few minutes before in detail and relishing in Rome’s enchanting ambience. No wonder it is also known as Caput mundi, centre of the world.

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